Born to die - Ireland: Greyhound Coursing Casualties
The Association of Hunt Saboteurs wish to highlight the unacceptable 'high death rate' of Coursing Greyhounds as the 3 day final in Clonmel marks the end of the current season .

A large percentage of 'losers' will invariably prove too much of a liability to keep alive. The dogs being mere pawns in the Coursing game, are considered too costly a burden for trainers and so called owners to feed and maintain for another year. These unfortunate dogs will be marked for disposal by either shooting or lethal injection , some may even die before the Powerstown Park gates close at the end of the 2001/2 season.

Less successful dogs will no doubt end their days suffering with untreated injuries in Dog Pounds around the country, many being dropped off to be killed on the way home from Coursing trials, a quick disposal for the small sum of 18 euros. The pounds kill these gentle majestic animals on demand, knowing that in Ireland, the worlds oldest pedigree dog is rejected by the majority as merely a running machine. Other countries such as the UK and the USA cherish these dogs and adopt them as the loyal human companions they really are. They are known as the 45 MPH couch potato in the States.

Sentiment and profit are mutually exclusive in a world where winners live (at least till the next event) and losers pay with their lives. An insight into the nastier side of the Greyhound business is well hidden from the public gaze as death is part and parcel of this outdated barbaric business - and not just to the gentle hares.

In Ireland the Irish Coursing Club has made no provisions for these dogs, they merely promote the fast buck and encourage over-breeding without a consideration that healthy young dogs are dying in their thousands.
22,000 greyhound pups were registered in the year 2000. 128 dogs took part in the Oaks/Darby at Clonmel. 

Killing of greyhounds in Spain
Discovery of a mass grave in Chueca, Spain, March 2nd, 2002. In the neighborhood of this little village of 275 inhabitants near to Toledo, corpses of Galgos have been found among heaps of bones which proves that the killing has been going on till today.

An eyewitness said : "we counted 6 dogs but skeletons were spread all over the place. The beige Galgo had been shot in the side, the other dogs had been hung. The killers then detached the dogs and put them in bags to drop them in the mass grave afterwards !" Innumerable times killed Galgos have been found.
You can see the pictures on the website
Thousands of Greyhounds are hanged each year in Spain after the hare coursing season.
An international animal charity says thousands of greyhounds are hanged each year in Spain after the hare coursing season. 
The practice was discovered by the World Society for the Protection of Animals.
The inquiry took place in the Castilla y Leon and Castilla la Mancha regions last month, with the help of Sociedad Protectora de Animales.
Full story:

Memorials for Greyhounds Killed in Alabama Held - by Sabrina Glidden
Individuals in more than two dozen cities in the United States recently gathered to memorialize the approximately 3,000 greyhounds found dead on the 18-acre property of Lillian, AL resident Robert Rhodes in May.
Authorities discovered the bodies of the dogs after being informed that greyhounds no longer raced at tracks in Florida were being taken to Rhodes and shot by him for a fee of $10.
The 68-year-old man admitted that he'd been shooting greyhounds since the 1960s, but claimed he didn't know the practice was illegal. The memorials were arranged by Kansas City Retired Greyhounds as Pets volunteers Kevin and Sherry Neuman. The events were conducted by
members of GREY2K USA and the Greyhound Protection League (GPL). "The mass killing of race dogs is commonplace in the world of greyhound racing," said GPL founder Susan Netboy. "Typically the dogs simply disappear into backwoods operations like the one in Lillian."
Rhodes has been charged with a number of felonies, and could be imprisoned for as many as 30 years if found guilty of all.
2002 Animal News Center, Inc
From Irelands Greyhound Weekly - DERBY 'CASUALTIES'
There have been a number of other Derby casualties. The very promising young dog Ardbeg Bob had to be put down after smashing his leg around the second bend on Saturday night. He had a bump with Quattro Power and smashed the leg in the fall. A sad blow for owner Bill Merrick and trainer Paul Hennessy. 
Quattro Power didn't come out of the incident secure either. One of his owners Cahal Curley reports that his dog has run his last race after aggravating the wrist injury which affected him in the tote gold collar final at Harolds Cross. He had set a new record at 29.65 in the first round of that competition. The lightly raced dog , he won seven of his seventeen races will now be retired to stud. 
And also retired is that smashing bitch Glenwood Sassy. The daughter of Inter Racing and Camels Music . The bitch sprained a wrist and is now to be retired to the breeding Paddocks. She won nine of her 22 races.
Note. Paul Hennessy was also the trainer for the Late Late Show dog.
(4/07/02) Police plan Songkran massacre for dogs
Source:  Bangkok Post 
Wassayos Ngarmkham
The days when stray dogs can make the Crime Suppression Division their home may be numbered.
Police are threatening to turn next week's long holiday into a bloody Songkran for about 20 stray dogs which have made CSD headquarters on Paholyothin road their home for years.
Officers say the dogs foul the canteen and scratch and urinate against their cars. However, one police sergeant is trying to spare their lives.
Pattaraporn Srithong, 49, said some colleagues had told her of a plot to poison the dogs, which she considers part of her family. She believes they may die over the Songkran holiday. 'I am sad. I can't eat or sleep. Songkran is just round the corner but I still do not know how to save their lives' Pol Sgt Pattaraporn said.
The mother of three children feeds the dogs, bathes them and plays
with them.
She loves them first. The dogs love her back. The thought of not seeing them again breaks her heart.
Pol Sgt Pattaraporn said she knows not all people like dogs but thinks they could at least show a little mercy. The culling has already begun. She said she felt angry and helpless when she learned that a dog was shot dead near the canteen last week.
She would visit the office with her husband and children every day during Songkran, in the hope that would deter further killings. On weekdays, she mixes leftovers from the office's canteen with rice she takes from home for 'her friends'
When the dogs are sick, she takes them to a vet who charges her half his usual fee. ``I pay 3,000-4,000 baht for these dogs a month. That is more than half of my salary. Some people think I'm crazy,'' she said. Some bosses, however, donate items to the dogs, she said.
Pol Sgt Pattaraporn says she feeds dogs she sees on the street and treats them with pain-killers if they are sick. She was trying to find dog shelters in Nakhon Nayok and Nakhon Pathom for the police strays.
'I want my dogs safe. It's better to miss them than see them die' she said. A CSD source said one officer keen on the 'revenge killings' found dog faeces in front of his newly-decorated office and became upset.

Mr. Yang Lee
Embassy of the Republic of Korea
15 Clyde Road
Dublin 4
In case you need reminding why - just have a look again at the KAPS website and
Man admits killing thousands of dogs.
A Florida man has admitted shooting and burying greyhounds at a charge of 7 per animal for more than 40 years.
Investigators have found the remains of as many as 2,000 animals, including hundreds of racing dogs, on the man's 18-acre site.
State officials obtained a search warrant Tuesday to search Robert Rhodes' land after receiving a tip from investigators.
Satellite images showed animal bones strewn about the property and investigators used the photographs to convince a judge to issue the warrant.
Florida officials were investigating allegations that greyhounds from Pensacola Greyhound Park, a dog-racing track, have been improperly destroyed.
Korean cruel handling of dogs before they are beaten to death.
The cruelty in the handling of dogs during their slaughter has raised the anger of animal-rights activists. Strung by their necks, the dogs are beaten to death.
CANINE cuisine is becoming a fad among the young in South Korea and China, much to the dismay of animal-rights activists.
Restaurant owners and dog-meat watchers confirm that youngsters are now taking dog meat as part of their regular diet - much like beef or chicken - as food joints dish out trendy new recipes to whet appetites.
Report: Dogs are smarter than people think.

Canine friends said to have basic math skills 
LONDON, England (Reuters) --Dogs are probably much cleverer than most people think, according to a new study.
Scientists are convinced that dogs can count and researchers at the University of California, Davis, say they try to convey different messages through the pitch and pace of their barks.
"Animal behaviorists used to think their bark was simply a way of getting attention. Now a new study suggests that individual dogs have specific barks with a range of meanings," New Scientist magazine said on Wednesday.
Dogs usually use high-pitched single barks when they are separated from their owners and a lower, harsher super bark when strangers approach or the doorbell rings, according to Sophia Yin, an animal behaviorist at the university.
 Playful woofs are high-pitched and unevenly spaced. Dogs also know when they are being short-changed on treats
because they have a basic mathematical ability which enables them to tell when one pile of objects is bigger than another.
"But to count, an animal has to recognize that each object in a set corresponds to a single number and that the last number in a sequence represents the total number of objects," New Scientist added.
Tasty treats Robert Young of Brazil's Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais in Belo Horizonte, tested the theory on 11 mongrels using dog treats.
The canines were shown treats and then a screen was lowered and the goodies were left as they were or some were added or taken away.
If a treat was added or taken away the dogs looked at the treats much longer than they did when the goodies were not disturbed, presumably because they had done their sums and the numbers did not meet their expectations.
"Dogs are descended from wolves, which not only have a large neo cortex -- the brain's center of reasoning -- but live in large social groups," the magazine said.
Young believes the mathematical ability could have been used to work out how many allies and enemies they had in a pack.

News of the World - 18 August, 2002 - Callous pet owners in the doghouse - by Aine De Paor
Tight-fisted dog owners would rather see their pets put down than fork out for their upkeep in kennels while they jet away on luxury holidays.
That's according to workers at one Dublin pound where animals are routinely abandoned. The dogs face certain death - unless they are taken on by a new owner they will be destroyed.
However, that doesn't seem to bother their callous masters. Kennel worker at the Navan Road pound, Karen Bruce, said: "They put them in and then swan off on their holidays. Some of them will have had the dog for years but they have no problem handing it over - they're not even embarrassed.

"August is the worst month of the year - we sometimes get up to 15 dogs a day handed in. "And I've NEVER seen anyone come back after a two-week holiday to pick up their pet." The dog-lover insisted that heartless owners know exactly the fate awaiting their pets.

They are required to sign a form saying the animal will either be rehomed or put down. And less than half the dogs are taken on by new owners.
However, on the rare occasion an owner does return, it will be for a very different reason. 
Fumed Karen: "They'll sometimes come back looking to take on a PUPPY. "They want to start off again with another victim, but of course we wouldn't give them one."
She added that some miserly owners also use the pound to have their dogs put down for free. 
She said: "They don't want to pay the vet - it can cost up to E70 - so they bring them here'


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