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Greyhound Sites

Greyhounds in need - All volunteers with other jobs and careers, working for the greyhounds in our spare time. Members of the Greyhound Forum, which is chaired by the National Canine Defense League and is comprised of, amongst others, representatives of the major animal welfare groups such as the R.S.P.C.A, I.S.P.C.A, Battersea Dogs Home, Blue Cross, as well as members of The British Greyhound Racing Board and National Greyhound Racing Club.

The American-European Greyhound Alliance - Their website can be found at A non-profit organisation dedicated to Greyhounds in the United States and abroad.

Irish Animals on the web articles about Greyhound treatment in Ireland - Irish Greyhounds are either destroyed or sent to Spain after they have been exploited for profit at our racecourses. Read more here

TIA Greyhound Rescue - Dedicated to rescuing and rehoming ex racing Greyhounds and Lurchers.

Animal Rights Sites are as follows

Alliance for Animal Rights - Website is currently under construction. You can mail them with comments or concerns at The Alliance for animal rights are currently seeking new members. If you are interested you will need one half Saturday and the first Tuesday of the month free. Responsibilities include planning campaigns and compiling newsletters. If you are interested drop them a line.

International Web against Bullfights - This website aims at exposing and preventing Bullfights across European countries Please go online and write opposing letters and emails to the addresses provided. You can make a difference.

Irish Council Against Blood sports - Ban Blood Sports now.

Fox Watch Ireland - 

Association of Hunt Saboteurs - Website is currently under construction. The UK website can be found here Hunt Sabs oppose the hunting of innocent animals and actively work to have this cruel sport banned as soon as possible. To email the Irish Branch contact

Korea Animal Protection Society - Their website can be found at Boycott all Korean products. It is known worldwide about the consumption of dog meat and the inhumane way that dogs are treated and killed in the most horrific way. This must stop and the more pressure that the Korean government get the sooner the bloodshed will end.

S.N.G.P Save Newchurch Guinea Pigs - Exposing local Guinea Pig Breeders who exploit these animals for profit. These Guinea Pigs are housed in appauling accomodation and meet a horrific fate when they are sent to the vivsection labs. Read about their recent protest and more on their website.

Inhumane Website - This shows the link between animal and human abuse. a very interesting website.

Animal Shelter and Dog Rescue Sites

Here are some other Animal Shelter sites. You will find all types of Dogs residing here all looking for new loving homes. Make a difference to a dogs life and adopt from here. Those looking for dogs to be used in hunting, greyhound racing or coursing or any related sports need not apply. This is one of the largest animal sites in Ireland. Here you will find a listing of all available dogs and cats throughout Ireland. There are also many links to animal related sites and lots of information to read up on. Spay week Ireland runs from September 30th to October 6th.The week promotes the importance of spaying and neutering to directly tackle the dog overpopulation crisis in Ireland. This is a dog rescue center run by a wonderful lady called Brigit. She has many dogs small, medium and large that need a nice place to call home. Call 050871942 if you can offer dog a good home. P.A.W.S is located in Sallins, Co Kildare. They are responsible for re-homing many dogs and puppies. Their residents are always in need of a good home so give them a call on 045-894041 if you can offer a loving home whether permanent or foster to a dog or puppy.

Dog Pounds - Here the dogs and puppies that are surrendered by their owners will be destroyed either immediately or in 5 days. Strays are taken here by the dog warden collection and will also be given 5 days. They all deserve a life so please call here if you are looking for a dog. Ashtown pound is near Blanchardstown and Castleknock 01-8383236. Saggart Pound 01-458 9088.
NEVER SURRENDER A DOG TO ANY DOG POUND. THERE IS A 90% CHANCE IT WILL BE DESTROYED. - Irish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. - ARGOS Animal Welfare - Effie Dodoura Executive Secretary ARGOS Animal Welfare Society Thessaloniki, Greece.
- Coalition in Defense of Animals in Greece. -Jacqui started this animal welfare site for the Cork area.

Dan Boyle speeches

Animal Shelters and dog pounds can differ. Some will have a no-kill policy meaning that no healthy dog will ever be destroyed. Others will allocate a specified time for a home to be found before the animal is destroyed. Always ask and never presume that a dog will be re-homed. Contact us for more information.

If you are an animal related organisation and would like to be added to this site please contact us.

"If I have any beliefs about immortality, it is that certain dogs I have known will go to heaven and very, very few persons"

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