Dog rescues kennels are working to a capacity of 99% most of the time. There are many dogs on a waiting list for a place in Dog Rescue kennels. Despite continuous calls from from people wanting to get rid of their animals we prioritise dogs at risk of being killed or Greyhound, Lurcher and Whippet types who we transport to the UK rescue centres for re-homing.
If you have an unfortunate animal that you have taken into your home but no longer want please acknowledge your responsibility and take appropriate action to re-home him or her. Remember if you surrender to the pound the animal can be destroyed either immediately or within 5 days.

A rough guide is as follows:

  • Decide the best type of home required for this particular dog. Is it with children, other animals, a quiet house or lots of company?

  • Vaccinate, neuter or spay the dog if not already done. This will ensure that the dog will not add to the already overpopulation if he gets into the wrong hands.

  • Advertise in the national papers. The Irish Independent places free 3 day ads for FOUND dogs. The Irish times gets the best result from our experience.

  • Never hand a dog out from your home, instead go with the to the prospective new families address. This allows you to leave the dog on a trial basis where you can call back and check on him/her. Check that the garden or yard is secure and ensure that the dog has some from of Id on even when you are leaving.

  • If your dog is considered to be of hunt breed or gun dog casually ask any prospective new owners if they hunt, shoot etc. If they do then DO NOT hand the dog over to them. If the dog is gun shy or not of use to them he will be passed on to someone else. DO NOT take the risk.

  • Do not give to a household where the occupants are out over 4 hours per day unless there is another sociable dog to keep it company.

  • If the prospective owners seem genuine deliver the dog to them on the weekend or their day off and give them the dogs medical history etc. Check by phone the next day how the dog is doing.

  • Remember trust your intuition. If you feel all is not as it seems, hold the dog until you find the best home for it. LEAVE AN ADDRESS TAG ON THE DOG AT ALL TIMES.

If you have taken in a stray the above guidelines also apply. You can contact us for advice. 
Remember if you choose NOT to send the stray dog to the pound or surrender to the dog warden you can try and re-home yourself by advertising in the Irish Independent (three nights are free for found dogs), local newspapers, posting at your vets, and also telling everyone you know - friends and family. Contact the various animal shelters for advice, many have external re-homing notes. We can also take a digital photo and display in the homes needed section on this site and 

Many dogs find a home this way. Your diligence will be rewarded, and you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you helped save a life.

Contact us here for advice and alternative re-homing solutions to the pound where most dogs are sadly destroyed. There is no need for any dog to loose it's life.

"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion"

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