You Don't Know
My friend I often wonder as I see you waiting there
Muzzled, sad and silent, as the hammer makes a roar
Yet another chapter ended, another person there
Small cages in a different van, no more lying on the floor
A stranger holds your collar, no kindness in his eyes
He doesn't see the loneliness, he doesn't feel your cries
The brightness brings the howling, more eyes behind the wire
All aching for an answer, its good you don't know more
For if you knew hugs and softness, of another life that's there
Your sadness would engulf you, your yearning even more
If only I could show you, how your sadness is my core
I'm crying too, I feel your pain ,I'm trying to do more
If you knew of the other places, white coats machines or more
or of the pain under the Spanish sun, your suffering would be more
You don't know of the others, the thousands and the score
The men who killed your brothers, the dead behind the door
They think your life is worthless, they are missing so much more
The love and trust you shelter, would serve them so much more
The day will come I promise
When all gentle greys are free
Of the pain and sores and emptiness
With freedom just to 'be'
Please know that some are fighting
To make the humans see
Your brothers are already gone
But just lift your head, its me
You don't know yet my sad one, but I'm right beside you now
With years of hope and blankets to wrap you in, just be
A new life's just beginning, a soft bed awaits you'll see
I'm here to take you home with me
..... the future is hugs and me.

B Wright

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