Below is a random account of some Racing and Coursing Greyhound DEATHS, INJURIES and events that have occurred.

- Rutland Budgie, the 2001 Puppy Derby winner. The fastest winner of the Puppy Classic to date, injuries curtailed his second season appearances and he is now in premature retirement at stud. Sporting press 10-10-2002.
- HonchoDog.was in the Irish Derby Final at Shelbourne Park.However a midweek training accident meant he wasn’t at his best in the decider.
- Moyne Rebel sustained a career-ending injury in the second round of the Derby on Saturday night and he has run his last race. It came as no surprise to learn the dog had been injured after watching him in action. He broke slowly, then sprawled and never appeared to be striding out properly again. He fractured a vertebrae, and in my opinion it probably happened in the boxes, said a vet. Irelands Greyhound Weekly 30-8-2001.
- Some Picture. “..after his untimely death”….
- Court House injured. The future of leading Coursing dog Court House is in doubt after he sustained injury in the final of the all aged at Kilsheelan. He suffered a recurrence of an old back injury problem. He first sustained the injury in the Derby two years ago…. Irelands Greyhound Weekly 7-11-2002.
- Windgap Java, former Irish star has been at the centre of storm of protest from his owner and trainer after he sustained an injury when trialling at Catford. The trainer and owner have claimed the track was unsafe after the discovery of a number of stones on the sand surface by Tiny
Collette….and that the hare was driven too close to their runner. I.G.W. 30-8-2002
- Football Focus. This dog died of heat exaustion in the antiquated kennels at the GRA Catford track on August 17. From another account of the death, ‘the dog was found in a distressed state after he had finished second’
- The offending kennel block was closed after the death. Sporting Press 10-10-2002.
- Brother Jim, at stud, retired due to injury.I.G.W 28-2-2002.
- Mr Bozz. Hennesy hasn’t enjoyed much luck in the Derby to date. This is only his second finalist, Mr Bozz was the other one and he was an injured dog.I.G.W. 13-9-2002.
- Tinas Jo, at stud. “seemingly tina jo nearly died six months ago but was nursed back to health by Jean Sebastian in Adelaide. I.G.W. 7-11-2002.
- Smooth Step." unfortunately that was to be his last victory as in his very next outing he finished lame with a nasty gracillis injury. I.G.W. 7-11-2002.
- One for me. “my bitch picked up an injury and hasn’t run since. We hope to get her back on the field or breed with her..Mick O Keefe . Sporting Press 28-2-2002.
- Whitefort Frazer. At stud, sustained a serious injury in England that terminated his racing career. I.G.W. 22-8-2002.
- Pacific Mile had only six races before disaster struck. A chipped bone in his wrist ended his career. I.G.W. 7-11-2002.
- Rapid Ranger bounced back from a first bend pile up to qualify. I.G.W.7-11-2002.
- Rally Man, brother of Some Picture injured in his very first trial ever raced, now at stud. I.G.W. 22-8-2002
- Larking About…”was sore all over after his race but I would hope to have him right for Saturday” Paul Hennessy. 28-8-2002.
- Multi Bet, a Coursing dog, was injured in his first outing at Crohane and was then unlucky at Tubbercurry. I.G.W. 18-10-2001.
- Droopys Wood, “a class dog with great early and middle pace but due to recurring wrist injury was unable to continue his achievements in 2001. I.G.W. 18-4-2002.
- Tinlough Gerry, little brother to the late late, despite sustaining a serious injury before qualifying came back to race eight times. Sporting press 18-10-01.
- Brett Lee, an Australian Champion finished lame after a trial and the worst was feared. “the diagnosis was a snapped ligament on a toe that will not require amputation.”Sporting Press 18-10-2001.
- Oshkosh Racey,”11 wins from 14 starts after a spell of lameness. Sp.Press 18-10-2001.
- Pat C Rendeezvous. Record holder dead after winning 36 strait races in 1994.sporting Press 18-10-2001.
- Kinrush ,”gained his first Dublin success since his serious injury” .I.G.W.22-8-2002.
- Deenside Chip. “the bitch was out loose in our field with another dog, the ground was a bit rough and she came back on three legs. She damaged her wrist badly and she is finished racing….now it’s the breeding paddocks, the bitch is due to break pretty soon”.I.G.W. 18-10-2001.
- Fridays Dancer…”which won her only race and broke a leg and she has nine month old pups to Spring Gamble”. I.G.W. 18-10-01.
- Mulrook Pearl.she was fast into her stride here from dream Vintage but with the former looking to run wide at the opening bend she got clipped from behind and came down with a bang. I.G.W. 18-10-2001.
- Droopys Kewell.Retired due to injury and already proving extremely popular with breeders. I.G.W. 22-8-2002.
- Jamaican Hero, Only raced 3 times, in her third race the puppy Derby heats she went lame. I.G.W. 22-8-2002.
- Tri Distance at Harolds Cross. “there was an absolute melee at the first bend in the first heat of the Tri-Distance and hardly a dog escaped unscathed”.I.G.W. 18-10-2001.
- Matt Hyland. A Coursing Derby runner-up dog now retired to stud after a recurring injury. Sporting Press 18-10-2001.
- Mounteden Shadow. ‘an unfortunate injury, he looked good but broke a leg.’ I.G.W.18-10-01.
- Lady Jmel….”never raced due to injury’. I.G.W. 7-11-2002.
- Carrigoir Sean, a Coursing dog who got a cracked pelvis in the Morrisey Cup at Cashel when he hit the escape.(now retired to stud).I.G.W.18-10-2002.
- Marshals Jack, ‘This fellow has had more than his fare share of injury problems and was off the track since last June’. I.G.W. 18-4-2002.
- Prince of Tara. ‘Fate struck a cruel hand when the dog broke a hock in a recent trial ans had to be put down.I.G.W. 18-4-2002.
- The Bandon Motors Stakes. ‘Racing ended with a 550 yard contest. There was a lot of trouble in this contest at the first bend when two dogs ended up on the floor.’I.G.W. 18-4-202.
- Melbas Mechine, ‘A finalist in the Regal 600 and Tote Gold cup was tragically found dead in his kennel on Friday afternoon’ Sporting Press 18-10-2001.
- Rumble Jack. Won the Paul Hennessy was not happy about a few recent efforts at Shelbourne and on having him checked out ,a shoulder injury was detected and treated.Sp Press. 18-10-2001.
Compiled by Greyhound Action Ireland.P.O.Box 4734. Dublin1.

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