Gambling with youth

Dear Editor,

In Alaska there is a statute prohibiting the location of coin operated and gaming devices within 100 yards of a school building.

In stark contrast to this anti- gambling legislation, young people here in Ireland are positively encouraged to place bets and gamble the night away.

This pro gambling ethos is Government approved by the anomaly which allows minors (under 18s) to wager at the countries dog and horse tracks.

Children are being introduced to betting at a young age and nobody seems to give it a thought. The 1931 Betting Act prohibits minors from placing bets with bookmakers or from playing the lottery but this country's race tracks which encourage underage gamblers to literally go to the dogs get off without a mention in the Act.

Of course to Horse Racing Ireland and Bord na gCon this is a loophole that suits them perfectly. Taking childrenŐs pocket money and turning them into gamblers just ensures a future for the tracks, why should they worry?

We call on the Department of Finance Justice and Sport to now review and amend this Act to protect Irelands youth.


Bernie Wright.

Greyhound Action Ireland.

Po box 4734.